About Chantal

“I fell over and downwards, hitting my back with my snowboard. It hurt so much I could barely breathe. All I could hear was my heart beat in my head. I realized that I had to keep breathing even though it hurt. This was my first real insight to understanding that my body needs to be taken care of and that breathing can be a conscious action.”

Chantal Hauser was born in Zurich, raised in the Swiss Mountains and grew up in New York City. She began her love affair with the human body soon after her first ski lesson and after her first dance act. Chantal was marked for movement as soon as she could walk and took her earliest yoga class at age 5, with her mother. It wasn’t until years later, when she felt lost in the madness of New York City that Chantal made yoga a daily ritual. Now it’s an essential part of her life.

“Moving my body from place to place has made me realize that the only things constant in life are breath and time. My path ahead, and the trails left behind, are here to teach me. I keep moving, following and honoring my intuition on my road. Yoga makes me understand, makes me breathe, and makes me grow.”

I love teaching YOGA

Chantal Hauser has been regularly practicing various styles of yoga for over 8 years and is a Certified Forrest Yoga Teacher and a E-RYT 500 in Hatha and Vinyasa with Yoga Alliance. She has worked directly with Ana Forrest and is studying Ashtanga Yoga with Tim Miller. Chantal has spent more than two months in India learning about Philosophy, Pranayama and Kriyas and she is currently studying Ayurveda.

You can expect – from Chantal’s various classes – a dynamic, safe and playful way to move your body into peace. “My life without yoga would simply not be. Yoga helps me breathe and move through life with balance.”

Having had multiple physical injuries and mental blockages Chantal can’t imagine life without yoga. She currently teaches in Switzerland and has workshops all over Europe.


Love + Yoga

Chantal Hauser
Private / Yoga Instructor
For Adults & Kids

Practice + Schedule

“I am always learning and I teach from experience.”



All YOGA with Chantal is emphasizing the connection between the body and the mind, using creative and safe sequencing with intelligent and logical alignment and utilizing the power of breath.

She knows from experience that one can fully access change (emotionally and physically) if there is a willingness to do the work. Making a CHOICE is the ground-work to facilitate growth!

 “My style is to teach authentically with some fun! I have strong classes that make you work in a healthy and safe way. I assist my students frequently and adjust the class to their needs, especially when working with an injury. I teach Hanuman Flow, Ashtanga Yoga, Forrest Yoga, Kids Yoga and Yin Yoga.”


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The Studio Schedule

Tuesday – October 25th – Dienstag

12:10 – 13:05 Yoga (EN)
at Holmes Place – Zürich Jelmoli

19:00 – 20:30 Strong Flow (EN)
at Living Yoga – Luzern
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Wednesday – October 26th – Mittwoch

07:00 – 08:00 Hanuman Flow (EN)
at the Hiltl Akademie – 5th Floor – Zürich

13:30 – 14:30 Yoga Club for Kids (EN)
at Lakeside School – Horgen

Thursday – October 27th – Donnerstag

12:00 – 13:00 Core Work Flow (EN)
at Yogalives – Zürich

18:30 – 20:00 Hanuman Flow (Level 2-3) (EN)
at Yogalives – Zürich

16:00 – 17:00 Kids Yoga (7-10 Jahre)  (SwissGE)
at Malayoga – Thalwil

20:15 – 21:15 Forrest Yoga (EN)
at Yogalives – Zürich

Friday – October 28th – Freitag

10:00 – 11:00 Kids Yoga (EN)
at Kids Residence – Rüschlikon

Workshops + Events + 2017

Save the Friday for a Sweat + Relax 

This class will take place from 18:30 – 20:15 at yogalives in Zürich
on the following Fridays:
November 11th 25th
December 16th 

It’s that kind of Friday evening again! What better way to start the weekend other than with a deep and soulful Friday session with Chantal. Let the week end with a sweat and embark onto new heights before we will be taking it down to the ground at the end to rejuvenate. This is a class for Everyone that wants to let go of the week and start the weekend fresh! 

Cost: 40.- chf Drop-In or use your Yogalives 90min Abo

Facebook Event for November 11th!

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Save the Saturday date for FUNdamentals Course 

Part 1 
Saturday, November 12th 08:30 – 10:30 at yogalives in Zürich

Part 2
Saturday, November 26th 08:30 – 10:30 at yogalives in Zürich

This Course (Part 1 + 2) is great for a Beginner or someone completely new to Yoga. They are also recommended for seasoned practitioners that want to get back to Basics and work on their foundation.

Cost: 180.- chf both sessions | 90.- chf for one session

Facebook Event – Part 1 
Facebook Event – Part 2

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Save the Sunday date for Aerial Yoga

Sunday, November 13th 08:30 – 10:00 at yogalives in Zürich

Discover for yourself if you were a monkey in your previous life! Start your Sunday with a fun, flying and playful yoga class. Challenging gravity and your core, balance and your perception.

Disclaimer: Be advised that Aerial Yoga is not for pregnant women or anyone that has just had botox injections within the last 6 hours or any recent surgery. For more information ask Chantal via email.

Cost: 60.- chf | 90Abo Yogalives + 25.- chf | 60Abo Yogalives + 35.- chf

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Chantal’s Out of Town Schedule  

 Hanuman Flow Masterclass in Nürnberg – Germany

Saturday, December 3rd  09:00 -11:30 

This Hanuman Flow Masterclass will focus on Inversions and on the Flow’s foundational Sutra; Sthira Sukham Asanam. We will also attempt to sing the Hanuman Chaleesa at the end.
A Hanuman Flow is creative sequencing with focus and awareness on transitional movements. A steady flow that uses core, pelvic-floor and breath work to facilitate alignment and space. Every class is thoughtful, inventive and up-side down. Hanuman Flow’s foundation is Patanjali’s Sutra ll.46 “Sthira Sukham Asanam”. It’s Chantal’s unique and intelligent sequencing, created through her experiences as a full-time yoga teacher.
All levels are welcome in this Intensive! The class will be held in English.

More info soon…!

Hanuman Shala | Winter Yoga Commitment 2016-17

Commit yourself to your yoga practice! Complete at least 4 yoga classes with Chantal every month. Every other class is up to you!

Sign Up with Chantal directly chantalhauseryoga@gmail.com

Päckli Options:

Flying Monkey (1 month) 650.- chf
plus Monkey Yoga Weekend at the end of January 890.- chf (excluding hotel + travel)

Committed Monkey (3 months) 950.- chf
plus Monkey Yoga Weekend
at the end of January 1190.- chf (excluding hotel + travel)

Your registration and spot are saved upon receiving 50% of your chosen option.


Monkey Yoga Retreat | January 27th – 29th, 2017

In the last weekend of January treat yourself to a Monkey Yoga Weekend in beautiful Prättigau – Graubünden!

This also marks the end of our Winter Yoga Commitment! (Note: You do not have to be part of the Commitment, you can also only join our Monkey Yoga Weekend!)

Sign Up with Chantal directly chantalhauseryoga@gmail.com

Cost of Yoga Weekend chf 280.-
Your registration and spot are saved upon receiving the chf 300.-Available Rooms:

Double rooms with shower à chf 143.-/pers. +night

Single rooms with shower à chf 163.-/pers. +night

Single rooms with shared shower/wc  à chf 140.- /pers. +night


2017 Preview…

Slovenia – Ljubljana 
Forrest Yoga Workshops
February 4th – 5th | Saturday + Sunday

NYC – Brooklyn
Yoga in the City 
April 28th – May 7th 

Greece – Tinos Island
Ashtanga Yoga Retreat 
June 1st – 10th 2017 

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu 


On November 26th 2016 We will meet again at yogalives in Zürich!

Chantal is a guest teacher at Living Yoga in Lucerne! (click here to learn more!) 

Join Chantal at Hiltl Yoga every Wednesday morning 7-8am!



The Milano Yoga Festival 2016 ended in full Beauty!

Our Community class at Lululemon in Zurich was the best! See you next time!

Thank you Hamburg and Sandhi Yoga! Chantal had an amazing time up North!

The Geneva Yoga Art Festival 2016 was a full success! See you in 2017!

Thank you Everyone that came out to Bern and its Yoga Festival! 

Yoga with a View at the Werft in Wollishofen with Lululemon!

Find Chantal in the video of the Milano Conference 2015! 🙂

And Chantal has been featured in the Forrest Yoga Newsletter! How cool is that. “I am very honored and excited about it! Read up on me here!”

A SNAPSHOT of my TV filming with Sara Machts | Anti Gravity Yoga
Check out the full You Tube video here! 

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Hanuman Flow

A Hanuman Flow is creative sequencing with focus and awareness on transitional movements. A steady flow that uses core, pelvic-floor and breath work to facilitate alignment and space. Every class is thoughtful, inventive and up-side down. Hanuman Flow’s foundation is Patanjali’s Sutra ll.46 “Sthira Sukham Asanam”. It’s Chantal’s unique and intelligent sequencing, created through her experiences as a full-time yoga teacher.

Ashtanga Yoga

The Ashtanga classes are well paced, working with predetermined postures in a specific order. The postures are taught in a set series or are introduced and made accessible to students in a fun and playful way. Ashtanga Yoga was developed by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (Guruji). He used to lovingly call it Patanjali Yoga. It is a dynamic breath based practice that with devotional practice steadies and quiets the mind. In the introduction course the postures are taught in an innovative & safe way for the beginner to learn proper alignment. (All Levels)

Forrest Yoga

In Forrest Yoga the poses are held longer to make you stronger. The practice takes place in a warm room with focus on the emotional connection to the body. Forrest Yoga developed by Ana Forrest  is a modern approach to an ancient system. Based on the idea of Hatha Yoga, Forrest provides with its sequencing & four pillars: Strength, Breath, Integrity, and Spirit a yoga practice that is anatomically safe for everyone. (All Levels)

Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga is for kids ages 1+ to teens. Kids will learn to cultivate feeling, concentration and compassion for themselves and each other. Animated poses facilitate focus, coordination and body awareness. Chantal’s Kids’ classes are playful adventures! Embarking on creative visions, having fun with various games, singing, storytelling, and journaling. Promoting confidence, strength and self-esteem for years to come. Imagine and never stop!

Chantal teaches Kids Yoga at Malayoga in Thalwil, at the Lakeside School in Horgen and at Kids Residence in Rüschlikon!

Yin Yoga + Restorative

Yin Yoga is calming with a long and sweet relaxation at the end. A practice to completely surrender and rejuvenate. Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga with Chantal starts with relaxation and ends in bliss.

Aerial + AntiGravity Yoga

Aerial Yoga is a great tool and addition to a regular yoga practice or sport. It will make you experience your yoga postures in a completely new way. It’s main focus are; core stability and strength and releasing muscle tension and tapping into your connective tissue aka fascia. Chantal has been practicing Aerial Yoga since 2007 and uses it to decompress. It feels like a massage for your skin.






Make your own waves with your breath, listen & feel inwards. 

Privates + Kids Yoga

Kids Residence Rüschlikon

The Kids Residence in Rüschlikon offers Yoga with Chantal to their Preschoolers and Toddlers.
The yoga class takes place every Friday morning from 10:00 – 11:00. Classes are held in English.
(Note: Chantal is away 8/12, 8/19, 8/26)

For more info contact Chantal directly at chantalhauseryoga@gmail.com

Lakeside School Horgen

Chantal leads a Yoga Club at the Lakeside School Horgen. Starting again on August 31st! This is a great club for kids ages 5-8!
Every  Wednesday from 13:30 – 14:30 in the Drama Room. Classes are held in English.  Sign up is for the whole school term. Cost is 375.- chf.
(Note: No class on 8/24, 10/12, 10/19. Last session on 12/21)

For more info contact Chantal directly at chantalhauseryoga@gmail.com

Malayoga Thalwil

Every other Thursday, Chantal runs a Kids Yoga program at Malayoga in Thalwil!
This occasional class is suitable for kids ages 6-10. Classes are held in Swiss-German.
Every other Thursday 16:00 – 17:00 
Save the Dates 2016:
8th + 22nd September | 6th + 27th October | 10th + 24th November | 8th + 22nd December

For more info contact Chantal directly at chantalhauseryoga@gmail.com

Private Yoga Sessions

Individual classes for 1 – 2 people available for 1 hour and 1 hour 30 minutes. You alone, with your partner or a friend enjoy a private or semi-private yoga session. Email Chantal for rates and currency options. Sessions can be conveniently held at your home or office.

Yoga for Kids at Home

1-3 kids can benefit from this small setting of extra attention to their needs. If this is a small group, ideally the kids are around the same age. Up to 5 kids total, after 3 kids, every additional child 20.—CHF). Depending on the age we will work with asanas, pranayama, games and stories.

Health + Wellness + Ayurveda

Are you confused and overwhelmed with your daily schedule? Do you know that you are living unhealthily and are constantly stressed out? Tangled up in too much work? Falling over projects? Balancing everything on one foot? Hands full and no time to breathe? Take a relaxing time-out with Yoga and make life work.

 “Let us re-arrange and find creative solutions for your daily life! Step outside your comfort zone and don’t let old habits hold you down! Change it up!” Coaching with Chantal is available! Email for rates and currency options. Sessions can be conveniently held at your home or office.



“My purpose of life is to enjoy it, to find peace, and to be happy. I don’t like to label things or putting life into a defined box. It is up to me to make life happen.”



In Memorandum of a Posture Part 1 and a Fish from Chinatown

When I am on the mat I struggle, I love, and I try. I try hard; I let go as well. Overall, I give it my sweat through and through. There are moments when I find myself lost in a posture, either because she is brand new, or I haven’t “hung out” with that particular posture in a while and it feels strange, yet familiar. […continue reading…]

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hanuman shala

hanuman shala is a yoga community. The shala’s aim is to build a yoga community in Zurich and in Switzerland as a whole. Connecting each other and to open up space for yourself. We started with a Summer Yoga Commitment and will continue with a Winter Yoga Commitment. There are many more projects in the making!  Our website is being built as you read this! Be part of the monkey movement! <3


In Ashtanga Yoga the full and new moon days are yoga holidays. Traditionally, Shalas are closed and no practice takes place.

The gravitational pull of the moon affects the waters of the world, ergo us humans. The full moon symbolizes a time of letting go and death. The cycle is complete, the inhale is full. It is a great time prior to the full moon to acknowledge what you do not need anymore and discharge physical and emotional pain. The new moon is associated with birth and grounding. It is a great time to plant seeds in the garden, ideas in the mind. Establish roots and plan ahead for the future. Set intentions for yourself.

“Moon days are days of rest. They give us time to connect to the earth and extend into sky more deeply, finding balance with nature.”

Posture & Animals

“I believe animals are our best teachers of movement.” Observing their poise, their grace, they are everlasting. They own balance, strength, and flexibility. To achieve pain-free movement one has to change with the elements; listen to what your body has to tell your mind, and see what your soul wants to touch. Feel the story you are about to breathe.

The call of a wolf or the cry of a raven. The soothing sound of an elephant, or the majestic power of a horse. The compact shape of a turtle. The quaint symmetry of an eagle. The bull’s heavy and steadfast demeanor. The quick and lively dance of a lizard.

“The movements of animals are graceful, portraying force and a perfect poise. Their soul is present inside their body, not forgotten by the mind. Humans can learn a lot from animals by observing their movement and by admiring their use of the body—to consider the human body as a complex puzzle, just as the animal’s.”

Yet, most human bodies are disconnected from the earth. The mind is trapped in the head and the feet are pulled by gravity. Vehicles and furniture mold the human body into an unchangeable shape. “Connect to the land, the ground, and our earth. It’s where home is!”

Active Feet

8 Limbs of Yoga

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